A medieval village, protected by imposing ramparts from which to savour breathtaking sunsets, surrounded by crystal-clear waters and untamed nature, marking out mile after mile of welcoming, untainted coastline.

This is Alghero, a must-visit destination for those looking for a seaside holiday that combines Catalan culture and Sardinian character, in a winning blend that awaits you in the alleyways of the old town, with its wealth of fascinating traditions.

Every year, the Riviera del Corallo (Italian for “Coral Riviera”) welcomes thousands of guests attracted by its myriad natural wonders: the bay of Porto Conte, the promontory of Capocaccia with its towering cliffs, the evocative Grotte di Nettuno (“Neptune’s Caves), the extensive nature reserve that stretches from the sea towards the inland areas, and – last but by no means least – the beaches that are a constant feature of the entire coast, from the seemingly endless sandy shoreline of Alghero itself to the jagged tracts south of the city.

Alghero offers visitors a unique experience, throughout the year.


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